photos by myself and ben carrigan 

this time last month i was at outlook; by far the best week ive ever had. yeah it rained, yeah it thunderstormed and yeah the weather was all in all a bit shitty but this made it 10x better. imagine seeing the swamp81 guys in the middle of the adriatic sea- one half the sky is thunder and lighting and the other, a full rainbow and blazing sunshine. it. was. nuts. 

the whole week consisted of 2litre bottles of wine, the best cheeseburgers, dancing in a moat and listening to some seriously good music from amazing artists. highlights for me was without a doubt swamp 81 (oneman on the thursday night killed it), hessle audio, george fitzgerald, girl unit and zed bias. 

the location was beautiful, the fort was crazy and music was even better; the bass hurt a little. stopping off in trieste on the last night was a nice touch as well. i said before i even went i regretted not buying a dimensions ticket, and oh boy did i mean that. next year 110% for sure.  


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