it appears the uniform for ibiza is nike or converse high tops, snap backs and those dreadful vests that just about cover guys nipples. but i cant, and wont carry off any of those, so instead glued my ebay bargain bumbag to my hip the whole holiday. handy little thing, for both day and night..... none of that clutch business restricting you from using both hands.
another thing that barely left my body is the white nike soccer vest which i wore as a throw over on the beach and then, unhygienically as a crop top at night too. those off white/cream flatforms you can just about see in the bottom picture, which i call my spice girl shoes were a bloody savior! when i initially bought them from asos a month ago, i despised them. i was actaully stressing out quite a bit about what your meant to wear on your feet at night out there, but these seemed to fit in okay....although some one did mistake them for sketchers one night......


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