the 90s is where its at right now, and what better way to celebrate two decades of the rave culture than to stay in and watch tv? on friday 24th august at 12-6am, channel 4 will be recreating club scenes and atmospheres with a six hour ad-free, non interrupted party live on air. marking the anniversary of the infamous free rave at castlemorton in 1992, djs such as annie mac and 80's hiphop legend grandmaster flash will take requests and comments from viewers on twitter and facebook. to ensure this all-nighter is as realistic as actually going out, computer animators will be playing visuals and lighting effects that reflect that strobe environment of clubs. the event, 'house party' wont be repeated or available online making it unmissable (you could always sky+ it i guess...). channel 4 will be starting the night off with a two hour film about 'how clubbing changed the world'. 

it'll be interesting to see how channel 4 can try to recreate a club scene in someones living room- seems pretty difficult to me. but in terms of originality and fresh concepts for tv, social medias and the music industry, if this all goes to plan it'll be an amazing success.


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