dip dye at pringle

pringle of scotland fall 2012

i've nearly had my blonde dipdye for a year now and been thinking about stripping it back to all brown. i think the whole dipdye thing is getting abit boring and a bit old unless its done really well but to be honest i still love it. im not really 'good' at hair, i rarely cut it or look after it, but i really need something new. seeing that pringle of scotland have continued their reinvention by dipdying models hair for their autumn winter 2012 collection in a variety of shades; pinks, turquoises, lilac, chestnut... has made me rethink my dipdye. maybe pringle are a little bit late on the whole dipdye scene? i say this but i know it'll be a while that i actually take mine out. im tempted to dye it loads of different colours like i've been wanting to do for agesss, ready for the summer. also mint green is a winning option...


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