john rocha ss12 backstage

after my morning of happily strolling around somerset house, i started work backstage at john rocha at 2pm. first, me and rachael (other intern) had to get a taxi to dover street market to collect two massively heavy boxes of shoes for the show; we then somehow, with the help of a stranger, carried them along the  cobbles back to the BFC showspace- in heels. backstage was busybusybusy- abbey lee and another model were being fitted as they had just flown in from nyfw, hair/make up was being done, and outfit rails were being prepared. the clothes looks beautiful even on the rails, and i managed to get close up look at the fabrics; sheer silk georgette, boiled raffia and thin leather. 

an hour before the show, we set up f.o.h., organising seats and press releases, with a brief on what to do when people started arriving. i was the runner- so aileen would hand me over people, and i would take/run them to their block. with about 300 guests and limited time to get them all in, front row was the main priority; blogger susie bubble, james goldstein and fashion journalist hilary alexandra to name a few (and jimmy choo showed up at the last minute too).  


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