intern update #1

so i'm into my second week of my internship at club 21, and it's completely different to my previous work placement, but equally as interesting. working in an office and not a studio may be a little clastrophobic at times, especially in this heat! but i feel that im learning a lot of new things about the industry- the business side.

the buying office is smallish, with the stock warehouse to the side, and the office work with the guys in the warehouse sorting out distribution to the stores. i am working with the emporio armani and armani collezioni group, but working behind me is armani exchange, dkny and calvin klein.

i have been working on PK (product knowledge) folders for menswear and ladieswear AW11 collections. these  folders are kept for referencing fabrics, styles, looks, colours, sizes etc...and they are also given to the armani stores for staff to look through. i have been recording the new stock that goes into each emporio armani store in the UK each week, (club21 look after 7 of these) and also inputting sales figures from each store to be compared.

it's a lot of numbers, figures, and paperwork (something i'm not used to studying a creative visual course) but it's interesting and great for me to have the knowledge of how a company looks after a brand and its stores; monitoring stock, sales and distribution.

due to the utter mess that is happening in england right now, the emporio armani store in birmingham got looted last night, so there were alotttt of calls in the office today from the other armani stores moving all their stock away and out of the store! i feel lucky to not be working in central london at a time like this, but a little unlucky to be 15 minutes away from enfield...


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