street style in birmingham

i've been visiting birmingham a few times over the past month or so, and i intended on thursdays trip to be the start my trend street style research for uni; only having time to work lately, and abandoning what i really want to do with my summer, i wanted to be completely inspired by new and crazy street trends. alas, i found myself wondering around for hours, feeling uncreative and uninfluenced. apart from these three guys i spotted at the bullring shopping centre (turn up jeans, layered hoodies and sport/retro styles- not sure where to go with this, not being crazy in love with it and no clear trend), no girl caught my eye. sorry bham!
however, i absolutely love the urban outfitters and COW up there, buying vintage blue pumps (£10) and a levi's vintage denim oversized jacket (£18) which makes me feel like a mental truck driver...and me and my boyfriend got our photo taken for a couple of other fashion bloggers.


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