oh so 70's

becoming a student meant less shopping at topshop. its sad, i know but primark is now my number one...(never thought it say that). so i have tried to avoid any contact with the queen of the high street because it would result in a rather upset me- seeing clothes that i NEED and not being able to have them is possibly the worst situation. i never thought topshop was especially expensive, you get what your paying for- good quality, on trend garments.
i wouldn't say topshop is my favourite high street store because it's sometimes abit too predictable, but it is extremely reliable. so walking into nottingham topshop yesterday and i was truely impressed; denim, fringing, browns/nudes/creams, tribal 'campfire' prints- i felt like a little hippy rocker at Glastonbury in 1976. the 70's trend may not be completely revolutionary but for me, it's perfect. definitely could see myself in the above.

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