day two at john rocha

i had to be in the studio by 10 o'clock today, and when i arrived the female castings were taking place. it seemed that the agency took there portfolio, a z-card and asked them to walk- and from that would decide if they would have a fitting or not. i looked at the model board and it was expanding quickly- each z-card had a post it note with the time/day of fitting. they wanted 15 females and 5 males...i think the males were already sorted though as that casting took place yesterday. two models name stood out to me on the board- JOURDAN DUNN, who has just become the face of burberry and signed a cosmetic contract for ysl and ABBEY-LEE, who closed the show two seasons ago. ever since i saw her at the show- i have noticed her everywhere! she is completely edgy but also extremely feminine, sporting her signature nose ring and tattoos, turns out she is also going to end this seasons show. she has just become the face of hugo boss and tom ford. i counted the expenses with aileen making sure each member of the team had the correct money. then me ella and catriona (other interns) was sent out to oxford street to collect a 'few' things...
- 18 x nude pop socks 
- 10 x nude thongs
- 6 x  long black socks
- 5 x ink cartridges
- 1 x party feet gel
- 2 x AA batteries
- white tack
- selection of nuts
- 6 x diet coke
- 6 x  coke

the shoes for the show are unbelievable. literally amazing. they remind me of 70's disco fever..mixed with futuristic spaceman. styled with the ultra feminine chiffon pieces, the boots scream glam rock; a massive block heel and platform, tied with a thin lace sitting just below the knee. they come in metallic gold, metallic silver, black plain leather and black leather with a silver trim. i could do with the plain black ones...quite similar to the ACNE boots i posted a week ago. it took ages to lace up the boots, there must have been about 15 pairs.. whilst sorting the shoes, i had a sneaky peak at the hats- which aren't actually sold in the John Rocha store, they are only for display purposes, given to press for editorials and obviously for the show. the hats are extremely large, they remind me of a thunder cloud...an array of fabrics and textures; wools were worn out and felted, twisted, plaited then piled on top of each other in a tidy mess showing a hint of appliqued lace. they sat at a slant on the models heads, held on by a black leather strap and buckle. the hats contrast to the futuristic boots- a sense of africa and dark oriental creeps through. aileen has three jobs for me in the morning before i get into the studio;
- go to debenhams head office to hand in a letter
- go to the dover street store to hand in a letter
- find some paper clips......

i left the studio at 7pm, feeling like i had been a help today. a bit anxious that i had been given some important documents to take home and i had some running about to do in the morning on my own...


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