day one at john rocha

so tuesday night i packed up my whole wardrobe and drove back down home, which realistically should have taken 2 1/2 hours, but with me driving alone, and no sat-nav or directions, it took 4 hours and i ended up in watford, confused and extremely lost. i wasn't too bothered being born with no sense of direction, it killed some valuable radio listening time and allowed me to avoid doing the 2 bin liners full of dirty washing. however, i had to be up early in london, looking presentable with clean and ironed clothes for my four day work experience with john rocha. but due to the university lifestyle of not going to bed until 4am, it was a challenge to get to sleep in my lovely big double bed, therefore i woke up tired, moody and with a cold (not quite sure where that came from..). 

 the studio was very quiet and empty when i arrived, apart from the new collection that was hung in a colour code around the studio. the OTT hats and futuristic space shoes were organised on the table- everything looked so beautiful even from a quick glimpse; textures, leathers, fur, knitting, chiffon ruffled edging...this season, i am working with aileen, who deals with PR, press, sales and buyers. i started helping out straight away, by sending out 30 invites to the mayfair hotel. she was explaining that not obviously everyone comes to the show, but they send out so many invitations for awareness and publicity. concentration was at its peak mid afternoon....then the male model casting started. i recognised the stylist (karl plewka) and the modelling agency (sarah murray) from two seasons ago, who work closely with john and the team to get the look perfect.

 i came home already loving my first day there. although i didn't do an awful lot, it was such a buzz to be in that environment again.


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