day four at john rocha

i had to be at somerset house by 12.15 today for the show, but first i made my way down to my town and hassled the young shop assistant until the copies were perfect. arriving at bfc showspace, i was nervous, not looking great, and tired. but still extremely excited to help out backstage and see the show. 
inside somerset house there was a lot going on; clusters of people waiting for the estethica sponsored by monsoon show and much promo from topshop. the excitement was all in the run up to the shows, in the queues and obviously in runway spaces. entering backstage to john rocha, and the prep had already started despite the jaeger show happening at the same time as the prep for ours. the models were arriving and the make up artists were showing their teams how to create the looks, as well as the hair stylists doing the same. both teams were big, with at least 2 people working on each model. the make up was minimalistic; bare faces with a dark cherry lipstick. the hair was parted in several different ways, ending in 5/6 rough plaits, kind of european boho vibe...

the rails for the clothes and accessories were being sorted by the models pictures, and look descriptions. the catering was being bought in, salads and orange juices- of which i avoided (not quite yet a pro at the whole eating-with-lipstick-on thing.) i met the team i was working with for seating everyone- there was about 6 of us looking after 3 blocks. i was a runner, so aileen would tell me where people were sitting and i would take them over to the block. an hour before the show we had a briefing of what to do etc...the front of house was already being busy- photographers were taking their place, cameras were filming the prep backstage and f.o.h, and the runway was being prepared and covered. simone rocha was also about, just launching her own label and it already being extremely successful. 

three huge rows of press, family, celebrities had built outside. the press was seated on the other blocks, which bryan morel PR dealt with. seating people took about 20-25 minutes, and it was a rush, very hectic but a total buzz at the same time. i did see hilary alexandra sporting a russian-esque raccoon fur hat and russian-esque dollike colourful jacket. the lights went down and the music started (music by max rocha). i had such a good spot, i was standing right at the back by the photographers but unfortunately didnt have my camera with me. the whole show and every piece looked amazing. every look was beautifully dramatic and over the top. the layering made you analyse each piece, each fabric, each texture. the attitude of the leathers and buckled boots contrasted perfectly with sheer silk georgette trousers with a heavy tweed fitted coat. the rough edges on coats and dresses gave that glam rock feel, and a burst of sorbet red added romance to the collection. one thing that you can conclude from the collection this season is TEXTURES. no crazy prints, not a large colour palette, but interesting and exciting textures on each garment, making you want to touch the clothes. inspiration was taken from "the paintings of pierre soulages, neil young’s harvest moon and the harsh landscapes of iceland".

after the show had finished, i went backstage and grabbed a glass of champagne. interviews were taking place with john and the models. cameras everywhere and a lot of press. however we had to move out of the space because issa london was preping, so i said my thank yous and goodbyes and got on the tube, feeling like i had learnt a lot more second time round. it was an absolutely amazing experience to have been that involved with the preparation for a runway show, and i think im slowly understanding the amount of organisation that goes behind a new collection....

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