androgyny = power

ysl 'le smoking suit'

DVC (design and visual culture) is a small percentage of my overall grade for FCP, and we have a proposal presentation for ideas for an essay surrounding the idea of modernism/postmodernism coming up in the next couple of weeks. i think some people are not too keen on DVC (maybe as it is a monday morning?!) but i think its really helpful in the sense of looking at the history of visuals and simply getting background information about fashion, photography, art, architecture...which obviously combines wonderfully with FCP.
we have to proposal two ideas; mine are...

- what is the power of androgynous dressing?
- how are luxury brands made less exclusive, and how does this effect the target consumer? 

i am steering more towards the first idea, because its the idea i chose therefore i am interested most in it. plus, semester one we looked alot at luxury brands so i want to research some new things..! i want to look at androgynous dressing in terms of fashion (not socially) so ill be looking at where it originates from, what designers started the trend, and how relevant it is today. looking at androgynous dressing links well into postmodernism and modernism and i love the idea of androgynous dressing- unconventional and powerful.


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