a new year

well well well!
happy new year to begin with

obviously needed a new something to wear for new years eve, so to topshop i went- reliable little source. found THE most amazing, stupid, ridiculous shoes in the sale (loveee!) that i stumbled across about a month ago back in nottingham- but due to the £100 price tag, had to back off- and yesssss half price. i dont know if they are a bit 'try-hard', ya know, look-at-me-i-shop-at-topshop kinda shoe. and i am about 9foot tall in them, and i probably could kill someone in them due the excess amount of wooden platform. but teamed with jellyfish-esque maroon shorts and a silky oversized charcoal grey shirt, and silly little grey socks - i think, THINK, it looked okay-ish.

also feeling abit crappy today- maybe due to ridiculous amount of champagne i drunk last night (who do i think i am?!) so, my new year resolution is to be a size 8- a proper size 8, not a inbetweeny 8/10. i gotta prepare for summer holidays- in need of a bikini bod! gonna have to ditch the cider...also all the typical things- do well at uni, fresh new start and all that, get as much work experience as possible, go on as many holidays as possible, enjoy lifeeee etcetcetc

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