winter time

i've always preferred these seasons to the summer, well not winter particularly- but autumn because of the naked trees and leave-covered pavements. everywhere looks so much better covered in a bed of burgundy, tan, yellow and rustic brown.

so it has snowed about a milllliion foot since the beginning of december - and finally has cleared up after 'record breaking tempretures' and all that. but during that 'clearing up' stage- the pure white snow turns to a dismal moody greyish slush. therefore looking foul outside...HOWEVERRR, my friend hanna, who studies fashion with photography needed to take some photos today, influenced from dazed and confused ("the blank stare")- where the wild things are. a touch of (white) snow was left covering the branches in a woods by us, contrasting the brown woodland with the angelic (freezzzzzingggg) snow hopefully helped her produce some effective photos, for example a quick shot above..
these booties are my mums- god knows where from and unfortunately too small for me to wear for more than 10 minutes without dying- but i looveee them and their roughed up robin hood/horse rider/keen hiker look- i think they looked perfect against this 'stump' of a tree.

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