vibing the gothic look

one of my best friends jack, kindly surprised me with 2 lovely christmas presents. 1) topshop silk shirt in caramel/nude and 2) revlon black cherry lipstick.
and what a perfect colour he picked- clever boy. i have never really been much of a lipstick girl, always keeping it nude, because i thought i looked too pale if i had colour on my lips. i have been meaning to buy a dark lipstick for at least 4 months now- but if im honest i did not have the bottle to even look. dark lipstick is intimidating, its hard to pull off, hard to stay perfect, and even harder to keep the clear distinction between being on-trend and fitting in with the hardcore greebos- excuse me for being stereotypical..!
anyway, i wore it christmas eve and loved it- i did look pale, but good pale. winter pale...also felt a little bit self conscious at first- after that i felt quite ... powerful? maybe thats the word?! i wore it with black velvet leggings, new toppy shirt and black heeled boots- hair was messy, fluffy- annoyingly had to wash it.
i am planning to wear it daytime in new york for the "effortless but subtly glam" look.

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