influenced from...
finding a magazine that i could take inspiration from- visuals and writing style- i thought, was an obvious choice. i alwaaayyyysss read elle, but then raygun found its way into my hands. it's a retro read- starting in 1992 and unfortunately discontinued in 2000. it focused primarily on music (rock and roll to be precise) as well as fashion and culture. raygun used unconventional visuals...on some pages you can barely read titles. the masthead changed every issue, making raygun distinctive in appearance. it takes you some time to figure out where next to read on the page...
as well as the experimental and interesting visuals on each page, which swayed me to choose this magazine to write my article for, the writing style is harsh and humourous- something a bit darker, edgier.

my article talks about leather as a continuous dominant trend, and how this has been achieved through rock and roll and obviously the runway. but is it music, or is it fashion that has given leather it's status?


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