photos by myself and ben carrigan 

this time last month i was at outlook; by far the best week ive ever had. yeah it rained, yeah it thunderstormed and yeah the weather was all in all a bit shitty but this made it 10x better. imagine seeing the swamp81 guys in the middle of the adriatic sea- one half the sky is thunder and lighting and the other, a full rainbow and blazing sunshine. it. was. nuts. 

the whole week consisted of 2litre bottles of wine, the best cheeseburgers, dancing in a moat and listening to some seriously good music from amazing artists. highlights for me was without a doubt swamp 81 (oneman on the thursday night killed it), hessle audio, george fitzgerald, girl unit and zed bias. 

the location was beautiful, the fort was crazy and music was even better; the bass hurt a little. stopping off in trieste on the last night was a nice touch as well. i said before i even went i regretted not buying a dimensions ticket, and oh boy did i mean that. next year 110% for sure.  




working in a small studio in hackney with an even smaller team, i have been lucky enough to have just finished a two week internship at simone rocha during london fashion week with the nicest people you will ever meet. helping out with invitations, incoming press reviews, the exhibition space and seating at the show, i had a tiring but equally enjoyable fortnight. it was a pleasure to be part of a brand that is quite clearly rapidly developing and doing something very different. 

check out the SS13 collection here www.simonerocha.com 




flying lotus' approach on promoting the release of his latest album 'until the quiet comes' uses tiny tiny snippets of the 18 tracks along with some seriously good looking visuals and edits. its nice to see dj's using film and videography more and more. small moments was directed by mike winklemann from beeple who also animated flying lotus' kill your co-workers in 2010. the annoying 4 second teaser's got me watching and listening the whole way through. like this alot and once again, the amazing imagery. someone teach me how to film and edit like this please




i neeeeeeeeeed a pair of reebok classics asap. ive never been the trainer wearing kind of person but this collection has made my indecisive mind up for me. love the half denim, half jogger combinations- they remind me of 1990's calvin klein- with oversized clean white shirts and massive scrunchies. the silver sequin dress is a calmer, cooler version of the double slit wang, and wide legged track shorts paired with mis matching socks is just plain fun. spring summer 13 is still rewinding back to the 90s and still doing it perfectly. i cant get over the reeboks...........




without fail i look forward to seeing the new alexander wang collection. this season, a colour palette restricted to white, black, silver and a hint of light beige, the vibe is ridiculously sporty whilst being as ridiculously sexy at the same time. that night after watching the show, i even had a dream that everyone was walking around in american football gear... you know with the massive shoulder padding. finishing off with a nice surprise from wang; white clean cut graphic lined dresses that glow in the dark, what else could you ask for? the metallic silver double slit dress and white hooded jacket......seriously. 




from left to right: vintage adidas mens vest, eBay leather bumbag, rusty zipper 80s running print short, buffalo original in sprinter blue 09, retro coca cola cap, river island neon fringe bikini, topshop round frames

freaking out about my short supply of clothes for outlook and how i dont have the money to afford some buffalos, sob




in less than 20 days, myself and around 15 friends are heading out to pula, croatia, for the 5th annual edition of outlook festival. a week camping on the beautiful beach of punta christo, dancing around an abandoned 18th century fort whilst seeing the best djs around in bass music sounds pretty perfect to me. with 10 scenic stages on the adriatic coastline, as well as boat parties and beach parties, i have big expectations for this festival! a massive range of artists, from reggae to dub to techno and 48 sold out boat parties, i can not wait to see scuba, XXXY, elephino, george fitzgerald, boddika, blawan, oneman, girl unit, jackmaster and of course, disclosure on the vagabondz boat party.......im already regretting deciding to fly home the day that dimensions festival starts.
i guess this is the kinda thing outlook have got in store for us....


indian style is seriously beautiful! heena covered hands, bindis, colourful patterned silk, headpieces, dripping in jewelry